I am a candidate for Ward 3 on the Gainesville City Council, and I am asking for your vote to go to work for you.

Reagan Lynch

I am Pro Small Government: The government (local elected officials) should act within narrow limits of local, state, and federal law. The government should do what is necessary to provide for a common defense, promote public welfare, and ensure citizens are secure. The government should not step outside itself and create new areas of influence, regulation, or interfere with the free market.

I am Pro Infrastructure: Spend five minutes in Gainesville and you know we have a problem with several city streets. Some streets the city has no control over, but for most of the streets the city must take responsibility for the deferred maintenance on the infrastructure. We need a systematic plan to maintain the streets in Gainesville. This extends to city water lines, technology, and opportunity zones.

I am Pro Small Business: Almost 50% of people work in a small business. The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce provides an outstanding place for small businesses to network. Gainesville should actively seek small businesses to move to or get started in Gainesville and support Historically Underutilized Businesses. We must support our existing businesses, especially long-term Gainesville businesses that seek to do bigger and better things for the city. Gainesville needs small businesses that will invest in the community, that will put roots down, that will give back more than they get from Gainesville.

I am Pro Affordable Housing: We must invest in true affordable housing to empower residents toward home ownership. You cannot do that effectively with homes starting at $200,000. Affordable housing has been an issue for over 50 years. It is not a problem that will be solved overnight, but working together as a community—citizens, elected officials, non-profits, and financial institutions—we can develop a plan to tackle the problem here in Gainesville.

I am Pro Citizen: As your councilman I will work for you. Citizens should have a voice in major decisions. It should not be a group of six or seven that decide what the citizens want or need at emergency meetings with a suspended charter, but you the citizens, you the voter. As your councilman I will give you my email address, my cell phone number, send you an email newsletter, and hold regular meetings for Ward 3 residents to listen to you and advance our community.

I am Pro Gainesville, the Gainesville that is driven by the citizens, for the citizens.

Please vote for me, Reagan Lynch, in the 2020 General Election to represent you in Ward 3, to work for you, on the Gainesville City Council.

How may I serve you?

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